Updating from 3 40 oe a

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Updating from 3 40 oe a

Wait until it is completely finished before shutting down. The recovery menu can be used to downgrade back to 1.50, recover your PSP from bricking, or edit some configuration settings.To upgrade you must have either 1.50, 3.02 oe, 3.03 oe, 3.10 oe or 3.30 oe firmware on your PSP.

Since homebrew discussion is now approved, I thought I might as well make this thread.Okay, now for the guide.oeupdmaker and oeupdmaker% folders from the 3.40 oe-a firmware package to the GAME folder on your PSP (It can be found in the PSP folder that is in the root of your PSP memory stick) and then rename the 3.40 firmware EBOOT to 340. PBP, this MUST be done, then copy these two files to the ‘oeupdmaker’ folder. Now disconnect your PSP from your computer then navigate to the GAME tab on your PSP and run the 3.40 oe-a update maker, this will create a file called DATA. Now connect your PSP to your computer again and place the Now disconnect your PSP from your computer and navigate to the game tab on your PSP and run the 3.40 OE-A flasher and follow the on screen instructions.Once it’s finished your PSP will now be running 3.40 OE-A!If you are unsure of what firmware you have go to system settings on your PSP and then go to system information, it should say there, if you don’t have one of these firmwares please go to my PSP downgrade guide Here.Uber Gaming take no responsibility for anything happening to your PSP and you install the 3.40 oe-a firmware on your own accord.

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And Do i need any emulator or anything install to play game?

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