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Kinect immediately senses who you are and adapts your home screen to suit, and as all of your settings and save games are held in the cloud, this can be done on any Xbox One you happen to stand in front of. Go to a friend's house, stand in front of their console and Bob's your uncle, your profile changes the experience.

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Constantly records the last 30 seconds of gameplay but if you say "Xbox, record that" it will render it, display it in 720p and let you upload it to where you want.

I'm assuming you can call out just about anything shown in the dashboard.

In theory, you should also be able to automatically set different presets on multiple devices, so that when you say "Xbox On" it doesn't turn on your Xbox, but also might automatically set the TV input to your Xbox, adjusts volume to desired level, and turn on your surround sound. Which would be amazing and would certainly beat using a remote or different remotes.

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