Ivillage dating as a single parent

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I feel like people see me as something of an expert where I see myself as an accident waiting to happen. Not to mention Site Pen and Moo Tools -- the top of the Java Script framework chain. Whether it's getting feedback on the code in a pull request, the internal cowardice of asking a colleague for their opinion, or the feeling of being paralyzed when confronted with an intimidating task, there's always the voice in my head telling me "you need to be better than this; no other developer freezes like this." I've always fought with low self-confidence when it comes to this industry. It started with being self-taught as a high schooler, when you could argue the turbulence of that time in my life was already rough enough, as it is for all teens.

My first college programming class was COBOL, a language I likened to ancient hieroglyphics, which I actually struggled with.

"Impostor" is a powerful word but that's how I have felt during all of my career as a professional web developer.

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This is the hardest thing I've ever had to write, much less admit to myself.